Alex Gunuey

After immigrating to New York from France, Alex spent 17 years as the chief editor for the New York bureau of France 2. His daily news reports included coverage of electoral campaigns, political and economic summits, sporting events, concerts and exhibitions. As part of the France 2 news crew, Alex traveled to nearly every country in the Western Hemisphere, reporting on such events as drug wars in Columbia and Peru, the deposition of Noriega in Panama, the US intervention in Grenada as well as several coup attempts in Haiti. His final mission was three weeks “underground” with the Oklahoma and Montana militias in the wake of the Murrow FBI building bombing. To balance his work in breaking news, Alex also edited videos and feature documentaries for Yoko Ono, Rony Bird and other talents, and his independent art videos from this period are in the collection of the Pompidou Center (Beaubourg) museum of modern art in Paris.

A move to Connecticut and two children involved a change of pace – Alex became the editor for two seasons of Lifetime’s daily series “Kids These Days”, an ABC Primetime Special “The Senior Prom”, the CBS Primetime series “Body Human 2000”, numerous episodes of Lifetime’s “Weddings of a Lifetime” as well as several independent features and documentaries for PBS.

Alex spent five years as a staff editor on the Emmy-winning “Martha Stewart Living” show. There he was rated the most productive editor every year. While at Martha Stewart, Alex also directed, shot and contributed to the editing on the Court TV Primetime series “Inside the Criminal Mind”. His editing on Bravo’s “Palladium” documentary feature earned the show the prestigious Imagen award in 2003. In 2004 Alex joined Amy as a full-time partner in A-Ray Editorial. He took on the role of broadcast producer / senior editor for two seasons of the PBS series Cultivating Life as well as several seasons of the Emmy-nominated series Lidia’s Italy, which garnered the prestigious James Beard Award in 2009.

In 2011 Alex and Amy’s work was honored by 4 Telly Award for their productions for MXtv, a green-themed cable channel. In 2012 they produced a 13-part series about clean and sustainable energy, “Our Stories” for Constellation which won three Telly Awards. In 2013 Alex joined the team of the acclaimed Discovery series,“Chasing Classic Cars”.

Alex is also a volunteer firefighter, a chef, a food and wine lover and a certified Frenchman.