“My company hired two production companies to produce case study videos. Some colleagues insisted that we had to hire an expensive New York Ad agency because they felt ‘you get what you pay for.’ We also hired A-Ray, because they have many years of experience with both long and short form video and have won awards for their work. So it really was a head-to-head comparison of talent, budget, work ethic and quality of end results. The agency brought in a dozen crew members, great craft services table and went 4 times over the A-Ray budget. A-Ray brought their talented eye for lighting, captured every angle of the shot with top quality HD equipment, brought a small crew, attention to detail and incredible editing skills. The result? Hands down, A-Ray has become my go-to resource, travelling all over the country for the past two years, sometimes at a moment’s notice. The videos they produced won three Telly Awards this past year and everyone in the company, as well as our customers, are raving about our videos. I am one VERY satisfied customer!”


- Marjorie Kass,
Constellation Energy,
Kass Creative


“In any production the real magic happens in the editing process – and the folks at A-Ray are wizards at their craft. Their understanding of a project’s objectives, and their artistry of execution are absolute. They have earned my complete confidence and my profound respect.”


- Howland Blackiston,
International Institute For Learning

“They are the fastest, smartest team I’ve ever worked with. Their sense of style and creativity brought the project to a higher level. They are intuitive and responsive to my comments. I trust them completely with the job.”


Dale Atkins, Ph.D.,
Psychologist, Author and Media Commentator,
The Today Show

“Thanks for the hard work on the series. The episodes you are cutting are kicking ass in the ratings.”


James Astrausky,
EP Chasing Classic Cars,
Discovery Networks