Clients often ask me how video can increase their visibility on the web. Ideally, we’d all like to create that viral video that suddenly racks up a million views on Youtube. Obviously, numbers like that will translate into visitors to your site and help you reach your target market. But even videos that don’t go viral can really boost your rankings in Google and set you apart from your competitors.

Creating well produced, high quality, simple videos with lots of relevant content, and posting them on every page of your site will add value to those all-important SEO algorithms. Having lots of video content though, is not enough. You also need to have clearly defined goals and projected outcomes for your video and that means good strategizing, pre-production and planning before you start shooting. And I can’t stress enough the importance of quality in every aspect of your video production. Even though your audience may not articulate it, they will know the difference between a video that has been shot and edited on your ipad, and one that is professionally produced. And that quality will impact their perception of you or your product or service.

To learn more, here’s a great article on Video and SEO

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