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Bonnie Troy GardenListen to our new podcast, Steady State, about the people, businesses and institutions making Connecticut a stronger, more prosperous, healthier and sustainable State. In our first episode, It’s Still Not Easy Being Green, host Amy Kalafa interviews Bonnie Troy, the first Green Party candidate in Connecticut to be eligible for state campaign funding. Bonnie is running for State Legislature in District 135 – Weston, Easton and Redding. This is the first podcast in a new series about sustainability in Connecticut. The series features sustainable business, sustainable living and sustainable policy issues in local and state government.

At 4:00 – Headline: First Green Party candidate to be eligible for state campaign funding

at 9:40 – Even her campaign strategy is green. A local business does all her printing. Signs are recyclable. And she will use social media instead of much print material.

at 16:20 – Ever wonder what a local district convention looks like?

at 23:40 – It’s better to be at peace than to be right.

at 31:05 – Legalize marijuana to bring in revenue, support local farms, reduce prison costs and improve social justice.

at 37:30 – Introducing “Fairshares” a local currency for Fairfield County

at 40:20 – How sustainable are we in Ct? No one wants to talk about things like pesticide use in schools, etc.

at 42:10 – Young mothers need to know what’s leaching into their well water. It’s all about raising awareness.

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